Help me pick an iPod!
or, which iPod should I buy?
or, which iPod is best for me?

The smallest iPod is the iPod Shuffle. All it does is play music, and it has no screen at all. It also has a lot less storage space. But, if all you want is music and you want something very small and simple, this iPod is for you!

What about used iPods? It may be a way to save some money. If you're buying used, something to consider is battery life. The original iPod's were known to have limited battery life. So, if you're buying one used, be sure to ask the seller about the battery. It is possible to buy a new battery and battery replacement kits online, so that might be an option if a used iPod has battery issues but you can get it cheap.

The iPod shuffle

Original Price: $99 - $129
Capacity: 512MB to 1GB
Display: None
No moving parts
Up to 12 hours of battery life
USB 2.0

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