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Apple took the original iPod and did three things with it:

  1. Apple made the hard disk bigger and bigger so the original iPod could hold lots more songs.

  2. Apple made a new smaller version called the Mini. It was easier to carry around.

  3. Apple made a version with a color screen so it could display photos. It was called the iPod Photo.
What's funny is that none of those models exists any more. Today you can still buy the "original iPod" with the black and white LCD screen, and the iPod Mini and the iPod Photo, but they are all "old news". If you want to be current, you need to buy one of Apple's latest and greatest iPods...

The old iPod Mini was cool at the time
but Apple doesn't make it anymore.
It's been replaced by the Nano!

Features of the old Mini
Original Price: $249
Capacity: 4GB to 6GB (1 inch hard drive)
Display: Monochrome 160 x 128 LCD
All aluminum exterior
Came in difference colors
Discontinued February 2005

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