Help me pick an iPod!
or, which iPod should I buy?
or, which iPod is best for me?

When Apple first released the iPod, things were very easy. You bought an iPod and it let you listen to music. That was it! You could load music into your iPod either from your own CD collection or by purchasing songs from the iTunes store. The cool thing about the iPod when it first came out was that it had a hard disk, so it could store thousands of songs.

Things aren't quite so easy any more -- now there are at least six different iPods that you can find at stores like Amazon. Apple only manufactures three different models today -- the other three are older models still in warehouses.

In this guide, we will help you understand the differnce between all the different models so that you can buy exactly the iPod that is right for you. Let's get started...

The very first iPod
It would play music - that was it!
Its 5GB hard disk was huge for the time

Original Price: $399
Capacity: 5GB (1.8-inch hard drive)
Display: Monochrome 160 x 128 LCD
Other: 32MB of RAM, 32MB ROM
Mechanical scroll wheel
Later models had 10 GB of storage
Discontinued in July of 2002

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