Help me get a divorce!
or, for Men: Understanding Divorce
or, The Ins And Outs of Divorce for the Man

How ugly does it get? It is possible that your spouse has had or soon will have a private investigator following you around hoping to catch you doing something you're not supposed to be doing. It is possible that'll you come home one day and find all the locks changed so you can't get in your house. It is possible that you will be served papers by the Sheriff. It is possible that a restraining order will be placed against you preventing you from going within so many feet of your spouse and/or children. It is possible that your friends, neighbors, and relatives will be subpoena'd to appear in court to provide support for our wife alleging you're an irate, abusive, child-beater.

But what you need to know here is that private investigators can also be an ally. What has your spouse been up to lately? Think about it. Do you really know what she does? Where she goes? Who she is with? Did you know that in some states alimony doesn't have to be paid if your wife is co-habitating with someone else?

So let's sum this up by saying here is what you can expect going through a divorce:

Or... reconcile with your souse. Doesn't that sound a lot easier now? Go to counselling, learn to love each other again and build a life together. You must have gotten married for a reason. Rekindle that flame. Now that you know about divorce, you can see that staying married is a much, much easier path!

Good luck!

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