Help me get a divorce!
or, for Men: Understanding Divorce
or, The Ins And Outs of Divorce for the Man

All it takes is for one lawyer to say this to your wife: “You seem like a honorable woman and I just have to say I think you deserve a lot more than your husband is offering here in this seperation agreement. Look, I'll be glad to represent you in this matter and make sure you get your fair share with no charge to you whatsoever. Everything this man has is the result of your emotional support all these years. All these years you've been doing his laundry and cooking his meals. I really think he is undervaluing your contribution to the marriage and you deserve to be treated fairly.” You get the idea. It's easy to convince someone in an emotionally charged situation they might need help.

Once your wife “lawyers up”, you'll have to do the same. And once that happens, it's very likely you'll end up paying both legal bills.

Lawyers are like buzzards fighting over a roadkill. They swoop in, get everyone's emotions all riled up, convince each party that the other is trying to screw them, then engage in little duels with each other while you're paying them retainers and hundreds of dollars an hour. They'll suck you dry quick, charging exhorbitant hourly rates. Maybe you've already figured this out. If not, wait until you get your first legal bill.

So let's be clear. Divorce is ugly business. It's emotionally draining. It's a process you can't control much - you're just along for the ride. At the end of this process, it is almost a sure thing you will hate your spouse, lawyers, courts, and the legal system. And chances are you will be broke....

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