Help me get a divorce!
or, for Men: Understanding Divorce
or, The Ins And Outs of Divorce for the Man

You see, when you have nothing, there's nothing for lawyers and ex-spouses to take. When you don't make money and can't support your family, there's no alimony for you to pay. You might even get lucky and get alimony paid to YOU! That's right, the law is there for BOTH men and women. When there's no money for anyone to take from, the divorce process is a snap.

Now one word on child support: PAY! If you end up not getting custody of your children in this process, simply PAY! You're not gonna get out of it, not even if you move to another country. Besides, your children are yours and you are morally/legally obligated to ensure they get to 18 years old with the basic neccessities. I know, most child support amounts seem unfair to the man who's paying them, but if you followed my plan up until this point, you'll be paying a reasonable amount.

Now, let's assume you didn't get started the way I outlined above. Let's assume you and your spouse decided “amicably” to part ways. Perhaps you are now separated. Or perhaps maybe it wasn't amicable, perhaps one of you has cheated. It doesn't matter really, the end results will all be similar. It's going to get ugly.

What I'm saying is there is no such thing as an “amicable” divorce. Let me explain why there are no amicable divorces: it's because divorce is big business for attorneys and courts and there's a lot of money to be made off divorcees. Divorce is big business for authors and booksellers. Divorce is big business for psychiatrists. With all the money to be made off you and your spouse, even if you TRIED to have an amicable divorce, it would be practically impossible...

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