Help me get a divorce!
or, for Men: Understanding Divorce
or, The Ins And Outs of Divorce for the Man

Encourage your spouse to consider getting a job. Offer to drive him/her to work even and tell him/her you'll do all the house work on the days you feel good. If you're lucky, your spouse will actually get a job and start bringing home a paycheck.

This thought experiment points out three things.

First, if possible you want your spouse to feel sorry for you.

Second, if possible you want your spouse to become the family bread-winner while you're at home with your hurting back or mental problem or depression or whatever is ailing you. And you want to stretch this out until your spouse “snaps” and decides to leave you. Trust me, if you're jobless, and if you're lucky enough to have a spouse with a job, when he/she decides to leave you, the divorce is going to be much eaiser on you.

You might be thinking to yourself now, “That sure seems like a stupid plan to quit working and lose all your money.” Well guess what: chances are that it's gonna happen anyway. That is the third point.

That's right - as soon as the lawyers get involved they will suck every thing you own and every dollar you have and many dollars you will earn in the future right out of your hands. So what you want to do is to elimante all the money BEFORE the attorneys get involved. No attorney is going to work for free, and no lawyer is going to get that excited about your pitiful situation, and this is a very important part of understanding the divorce process...

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