Help me get a date!
or, I need a date
or, Why is dating so hard?

If you are single and you haven't had a date in three months, it can be incredibly frustrating. Whether you are a man or a woman, if you want to meet that special someone, you've come to the right place. We're going increase your chances of meeting people and make you a better person in the process. This isn't a "quick and easy" guide to dating or a "how to get laid tonight" guide. This is for the person who's ready to commit some time and energy and hard work to address the biggest dating roadblock: ourselves.

So let's take the gloves off and start at the beginning. Do you have a job? If not, that is your first priority. You cannot date without money. If you are a man and you do not have a job, no women in her right mind is going to give you the time of day. And the same can go for unemployed women too. You just look odd if you don't have a job. You're also going to need money to do all the things outlined in this guide.

First things first: go find a full-length mirror. Just stand in front of it and look at yourself. What do you see? Be honest with yourself. Would you date you? When you think of the kind of person you want to date, would you date you?

Chances are you're overweight (most people in America are), have no muscle to speak of and have crappy taste in clothes. Why else would you be reading this? You see, every flaw you see in that mirror is greatly magnified in the mind of a potential date when they look at you. The better-looking your date, the more he/she magnifies your flaws.

Being in shape tells every potential date out there that you are responsible and have discipline. If you are a man, being in shape tells women that you'd be a good protector, husband, and father. If you are a woman, it tells men you care about yourself. Until you've gotten in shape, forget about doing any serious dating. So the first thing you need to do on your path to finding your soulmate is to become more self-disciplined. You need to start eating right. Drop that gut and replace it with muscle. Get those arms and legs toned up.

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