Help me buy a piano!
or, What do I need to know before I spend $thousands on a piano?
or, How do I avoid getting ripped off when I buy a piano?!

A piano can make a valuable addition to your home. Pianos provide a great way for children as well as adults to learn music and provide a creative outlet for both amateur and professional musicians. Because pianos come in such a wide variety of styles and finishes, they can compliment almost any decorative style, sometimes becoming the center-piece of a room. Pianos also make great heirlooms and are often handed down through several generations.

Purchasing a piano can be an interesting challenge:

It is not uncommon for pianos on a show-room floor to be marked up substantially so the dealer can "give" you a discount. All of these factors make it very difficult for the consumer to know the true market value of a new or used piano.

Therefore, before you purchase a piano, new or used, especially if you are considering a relatively expensive piano, you absolutely must read The Piano Book by Larry Fine. This book covers topics like how pianos work, how pianos are made, how pianos are marketed, how piano dealerships work, what to look for in a new or used piano, what to 'listen' for, what questions to ask a dealer, what to watch out for at a dealer, and more. There is also a survey of piano technicians who rate many aspects of pianos from all the major manufacturers and rank them all from best to worst.

The annual supplement to the book, sold seperately, will have current market prices allowing you to determine what a particular piano is worth before stepping into a dealer. Larry Fine also offers a phone-in consulting service where for a small fee he personally advises you on your purchase. This is a must-have resource for anyone considering a piano purchase and will likely save you thousands of dollars and give you the confidence to know you are making the best purchase for you.

The Piano Book is also a great resource for determining the value of a piano you might already own and are considering selling. Good Luck!

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