Help me beat alcoholism!
or, I need to stop drinking
or, drinking is ruining my life!

Are you having problems with alcohol? If it has crossed your mind that you might be having a problem with alcohol, then chances are that you do have a problem. If you want to make sure, go take this test and find out.

You are reading this article for one of two reasons:

  1. Either you yourself have a drinking problem

  2. You know someone who has a drinking problem
If you yourself have a drinking problem, then here is the good news. The fact that you have started to read about it and think about your problem means that there is hope. You have already started to realize that it is time to do something about your problem. So build on that. You have four options: The fourth option is harder. All of the other options can and do work for many people. Read this to learn more.

If you know someone who has a problem, it can be tough. You cannot do anything until he or she realizes that there is a problem. Talking can help. This page offers some ideas.

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